We understand that we are currently in uncharted territory as it relates to COVID-19. While our teams continue to work all over the country, we believe in our core values and that the safety of our employees, their families, and our customers comes first. We also understand that business must continue for our essential industry.

Our YAK ACCESS COVID-19 Team has done an excellent job in building a comprehensive protocol for our business units to tackle these challenges head on and provide clarity to our customers.

During this time of national emergency, it is essential that we continue operations to serve our customers and our communities while we all live through this crisis together. We are united in the fear of the unknown this pandemic brings, but more so we are united in hope that we will withstand this hardship together.

SAFETY MATTERS for our employees and yours, now more than ever.
– Jonathan Duhon, CEO

Below you can access our COVID-19 protocol summary.

If you would like our Comprehensive Protocol in its entirety, please submit a request below.