All Terrain, All Access

YAK ACCESS offers comprehensive services to many industries for all of your right-of-way and maintenance concerns across even the most rugged of terrain. We take on wind, solar, power, and pipeline projects of all sizes to deliver you fast, durable, cost-effective solutions.


Best-in-Class Service

Whether you’re in need of clearing, groundwork, or total access infrastructure, YAK ACCESS rises to the challenge. We don’t try to do it all, but we’re great at what we do. We leave pipeline, transmission line, turbine, and solar installation to the experts so we can deliver on our promise every time: top-quality land clearing, access roads, construction support, and comprehensive restoration services.

Crews with Industry Expertise

YAK ACCESS industry experts are proud of what they do, and they do it well. Our expert problem solvers approach every project, from vegetation management to power line maintenance to new construction, with dedication. They work with civil engineers and environmental experts to develop project strategies specific to the terrain. Teams follow strict guidelines and safety protocols to ensure the outcome of every project is a resounding success.

A Commitment to Excellence

We understand that every industry and each individual project poses its own set of challenges. Rest assured that we won’t be satisfied with your pipeline access or land clearing project until you are. YAK ACCESS is committed to the highest quality materials at the most competitive rates to get projects in all industries up and running as quickly as possible.