Dan Smith


I started nursing school in 2011 because I knew I liked helping people. Halfway through I realized being in a hospital setting every day did not fit my personality or my career path.

Prior to nursing school, I worked in the oil field at a young age and I loved it. Most of the guys out there with me were all around the same age, between 21 to 25 years old, so I saw a lot of “kids” get hurt. I saw a cultural shift in the industry because companies were realizing that production is no longer the number one thing that companies are after, ensuring the safety of their people was now that thing. 

I transferred from nursing into the occupational safety and health program because I knew safety was a good career opportunity within the oil and gas industry, which I loved and wanted to get back to.  It also gave me the opportunity to help, mentor, and lead people. After I received my associates in 2013, I started working in safety on drilling rigs and civil sites. In 2015, I started as the first safety leader at NEW SOUTH who at that time employed over 100 employees.

NEW SOUTH Southeast Regional Safety Manager