Frank Copeland


Safety is my life. My brother passed away on a construction site because he fell off the second floor of a house on a job. So I have a passion to make sure people are taken care of and get everything they need when it comes to their safety.

For a while, I was a paramedic where I worked in the level 1 trauma center in the ER. This was where I realized the importance of following policy and procedures – it saves lives. I was a contractor with the Federal Aviation Administration and I taught high angle rescue and how to climb 300-foot towers.

When I came to NEW SOUTH, I had never operated an excavator. These guys had to teach me about the hazards. They had to teach me about that piece of equipment. I know about greasing, and using a spotter and making sure your stuff is clean, but when it comes to the task of picking up mats, these guys have taught me that. So my whole approach here has been to educate and learn.

NEW SOUTH Southwest Regional Safety Manager