Our History

In 2016, YAK ACCESS was created to unite the expertise and tenure of various matting and service companies under one roof. These companies work closely together at every stage of a project to provide total access solutions to all companies within the construction and energy industries. YAK MAT, NEW SOUTH, BLUROC, and KLEIN, independently serve the construction and energy industries by providing access solutions.



DixieMat, founded in 1976, merged with longtime partner, Beasley Forest Products Matting, started in 1997, to form YAK MAT. For 40 years, YAK MAT has stood the test of time, remaining the largest supplier of access mats throughout North America with over a million-mat inventory and 70+ mat yards strategically located throughout the United States.


New South Equipment Mats, founded in 2006, quickly became the leading wetland access provider in the United States. Rebranded as NEW SOUTH Access & Environmental Solutions, our team is committed to providing unique access solutions that protect and enhance environmentally sensitive sites, safely and efficiently.


Nearly 90 years ago, a small crew at Northern Tree Service, provided limited site access to the greater New England electric-transmission market. From this experience emerged BLUROC, a construction division that in two short years, has doubled in size and market share with an unyielding commitment to innovation, service, and safety.


In 2000, Erik Klein started a small maintenance company that transformed into one of the leading restoration companies in the region, serving utility companies in both the electrical and oil & gas industries. KLEIN offers a diverse suite of complementary infrastructure services offering the best equipment, personnel, and unique products to enable safe, efficient and cost-effective projects.

Why YAK?

“A lot of people wonder why we are called YAK ACCESS. Yaks are strong and dependable, oxlike animals that travel in herds, carrying heavy loads through tough terrain. They have been used for centuries to transport goods across mountain passes for farmers and traders, as well as for climbing and trekking expeditions. They are a sure footed, dependable animal.

At YAK ACCESS, our employees work together to create a project plan that provides the best access solutions, even through the toughest terrains.

Like the yak, our products are stable, our services are dependable, and our company is strong. For those reasons, we believe our name is both memorable and shows the strength and endurance of our team.”