As part of our effort in improving environmental impact, we are not only reducing waste related to our timber mats but also making buying decisions that include recycled products and products with minimal packaging.  In addition, recycling at the YAK ACCESS offices and throughout all of YAK ACCESS is part of our daily operations.  Over the past  year, we have eliminated disposable water bottles within our offices and are making strides to eliminate this completely in our field operations.


Creating an after life solution for timber mats is a key initiative at YAK ACCESS and our business units that utilize matting.  We are able to do this in multiple ways including:

  • Processing into suitable biomass chips for electricity production
  • Landscaping mulch for flower beds and other soil bedding
  • Agriculture pack bedding which provides carbon rich material that captures animal waste and locks up volatile nitrogen
  • Leftover mats are also supplied to the local forestry to create bridges


Waste reduction throughout YAK ACCESS is a daily focus.  Recycling bins are located at all of our business unit offices with a goal of eliminating all single use plastics.  Additional efforts include:

  • Paper reduction in field operations by converting to technology driven applications for inspections
  • Reusable masks issued to all employees for COVID precautions reducing/eliminating single use mask waste
  • Portable fuel cells on projects to reduce offsite refueling thereby reducing emissions