Ask yourself this question: “Why does SAFETY MATTER?”

We asked our Safety Personnel at each of our business units this question and the overarching answer was unanimous. Our most valuable resources are not the mats or services that we provide – it’s the people. Not only our people, but their families and the people they come into contact with every day.

Regardless of what type of work you do, as humans, we each have a responsibility to protect one another because when we lose sight of why SAFETY MATTERS, the consequences are huge. This isn’t just another marketing campaign, its a call to action because safety doesn’t just matter at YAK ACCESS, SAFETY MATTERS to all of us.

Frank Copeland

Safety is my life. I lost a family member in construction site accident, so I have a passion to make sure people are taken care of when it comes to their safety.

Dan Smith

My career in safety began when I started nursing school in 2011. I knew I liked helping people, but halfway through I realized I wanted to do something different.

Blaine Sistrunk

I’ve been in a 100% dedicated safety role for a little over 14 years. I first started in safety in 2006, and after graduating from USM, I was offered a safety role.