Renewable Energy You Can Rely On

YAK ACCESS propels customers toward alternative, long-term energy solutions. Sustainable energy is both less invasive and less costly than competing industries. Wind power offers long-term cost benefits for direct consumers and bolsters the local economy. It has never been easier to do right by both your customers and the environment while cutting overhead costs and meeting tight deadlines.



Wind Power in Motion

Now more than ever, companies are turning to wind power as an effective clean fuel, renewable energy solution. The challenge becomes how to pave the way for robust access roads and permanent paths in order to install and maintain the massive infrastructure that wind power installation projects require. YAK ACCESS provides high-quality mats to job sites across the country. With one centralized supplier, you can set your wind power installation project in motion while keeping costs low.

Site Preparation

Access roads are expansions of public roadways used to connect each turbine site. To create access roads, topsoil is cleared, subsoils are compacted, geotextile matting is placed when necessary, and gravel is installed. YAK ACCESS employs new, high-quality, biodegradable crane mats to carry out the next step of project development: supporting and transporting heavy machinery, equipment, and supplies.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Even after the initial phase of land clearing and access road installation, crews must still be able to access the wind turbines for routine maintenance. Site restoration and monitoring go hand in hand. Crews return the land to its owner to resume planting, if the turbines are built atop farmland. Transmission and distribution make way to transform temporary access into permanent roads.