Kevin Schumacher


All I ever wanted to be growing up was a firefighter. My dad was the district chief at a local fire department so, at the age of 16, I joined the local fire department as a volunteer.

After I graduated high school I went into the Fire Science Division at Texas A&M and went through the fire academy. Once I got out of the fire academy, I went through and became an EMT and furthered my medical education to a State Certified Paramedic. I worked for 15 years with the Montgomery County Hospital District and the fire department.

When I moved to West Texas the fire department had a wait list, so that’s when I entered the oil field. I worked several places within the oil field but I was never fully satisfied because it took me out of health and safety. In 2009, I got back in as a safety training coordinator working offshore until 2019 when I joined NEW SOUTH.

NEW SOUTH Southwest Safety Coordinator

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